De-Stress Express facial

Need a quick pick me up for your skin and short of time....this hydrating treatment allows you the benefits of a full treatment in only 45min.



perfect for after the summer months, and to brighten and lighten uneven complexion and chloasma (dark patches) VITC is a powerful antioxidant in skincare and can reverse signs of ageing and damage done by the sun.  


 Mudra - calm/soothe/balance facial

SPECIFIC treatment for clients suffering from Rosacea, or any other skin condition dealing with redness and inflammation. Your skin will feel calm, soothed and hydrated. (also beneficial for anyone who has acne to calm and soothe the inflammation)



Swiss technology designed to stimulate collagen growth with red light therapy, fill wrinkles from within with the lifting wand and redefine the jawline and overall sagging of the facial tissue. This facial is offered in a 6 week cure, for optimal results. Once the cure is complete, monthly or quarterly treatments are recommended.


O2 GLO Facial

Re-energize dull and lifeless complexions with Oxygen. This hydrating treatment addresses all areas of concern, redness, un-even skin tone, de-hydration and visable wrinkles. Perfect for before a big event or after a weekend of bad behavior :)


Back to Basics Facial

If you are having chronic skin issues and need guidance in diet and ways to minimize your skin's stress, I recommend a PERSONALIZED facial: The skin is assessed and a customized facial is created to address immediate issues. Products that will help the skin and the body rid toxins will be recommended ( I am not a doctor, so please do your own research ) and samples of product will be provided at the end of the session.


Smooth Affair- Botox Alternative

BOTOX alternative treatment that uses KRONXYL12* the closest thing to invasive injections and fillers that you can find! Lifts out wrinkles effortlessly and will leave your skin feeling tight, toned and visably younger. Homecare recommended to prolong result that lasts up to a month in between sessions!


Retinol 0.5* facial

RETINOL (VIT A) is essential for a healthy skin.  This treatment addresses signs of sun damage, lack of tone and wrinkles & acne scars.  It quickly revitalizes the appearance of the skin increasing cell renewal & stimulating collagen growth.  Also reduces pore size, scars & depth of wrinkles.  Perfect treatment for reversing time!


Chemical Peels- Medical

Using the safest peel solutions on the market, chemical peels are a way to remove damaged cell layers on the surface of the skin.  Exposing new layers of healthier skin, resulting in brighter, more even complexion.  ALSO, stimulates growth of new cells, plumping the skin, improving texture and tone.  Perfect for extreme hyperpigmentation, acne, scarring and all other signs of ageing.  ( can be used in combination with other medical skin services to achieve maximum results.


*Facial Cupping - incorporated into the massage portion of any SG anti-ageing facial, cupping has been shown to increase oxygen rich blood circulation, strengthen skin & connective tissues, and stimulate cells responsible for collagen production. *be sure to request this with your skin therapist*

$20 add to your facial treatment*

*Red Light Therapy - This therapy has amazing results when added to your facial treatment.  The skin uses light as a source of energy to fuel the repair & rejuvenation of damaged cells, can also be very helpful to reduce inflammation in acne cases and also rosacea. *be sure to request this therapy with your skin therapist*

$45/ 20  min session no facial treatment*

$20/ add to your facial treatment *

Microneedling- Medical

COLLAGEN Induction Therapy (Medical)

This medical service (Collagen Induction Therapy) is a safe and natural alternative to fillers and Botox. With little to no downtime, your skin fills from within and addresses all the signs of ageing. The microneedling Innopen is a revolutionary patented medical device with a built in double protective tip that surpasses all others.  The 13 point surgical stainless steel needles create multiple micro-channels in the skin which aid in infusing therapeutic serums for greater penetration.  Microneedling improves fine lines & wrinkles, sagging skin, sun damaged skin, hyper-hypo-pigmentation, enlarged pores, stretch marks, scars & burns, and overall improvement in skin tone & texture by stimulating new collagen formation.

Full Face & Neck treatment - $299~

*when booking packages of 3 or more you receive 10% off total package price*


Pedi a la Rose

step away from the stresses of your day, and unwind with the SG's custompedi. Come see what everyone is talking about... you won't be disappointed.


Mani a la Rose

keep your hands classy with the seasons hottest colors (OPI-semi permanent polish, or hot wax available upon request*)


Add OPI* gellish to any nail service upon request ~$15

Permanent Makeup - book your free consult


Recreate your brows with the latest permanent makeup technique. Hair-like strokes that recreate the brow area, adding definition and color to your brow, you can turn back the clock and have the brows you've always wanted. *DEPOSIT REQUIRED*



This technique creates a bold look in the brow area, performed with a shading machine, creates a very defined filled in look to the brow! Perfect for oily skin types!


8 Week Brow Touch Up


6-12 Month Brow Touch Up


12-24 Month Brow Touch Up



Broken/Dilated Capillaries

Cherry Angioma

Cholesterol Deposits

Hyperpigmentation/Chloasma/Sun spots


Raised/Flat Skin tags

Spider Angioma

~$59/session (many areas & issues can be treated in one session)


Offering full body and face waxing.  Prices Vary.  Please check our booking app for prices.