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Hydratotal Cream
Hydratotal Cream

Hydratotal Cream

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Hydratotal Cream


Hydra-plumping cream for normal to dry skin/ also comes in gel texture for oily skin types.

Improves the skin’s ability to maintain its water reserves

Releases intense hydration Relaxes features Protects and reveals the skin’s natural radiance

Promotes resistance to signs of fatigue

RESULTS: The cream has a melting texture that makes the skin softer, smoother and plumped

Application Tips

Apply morning and/or night Normal to dry skins: all year long, day and night

 Soft and comfortable cream - Optimum affinity with skin - Emollient

Functions and characteristics of the main ingredients
  • HYDRA EXPERT Biomimetic active from biomedical research
  • Improves the viscoelastic properties of the skin
  • HYDRA-H 22 (tamarind seed extract)
    Forms a film on the skin’s surface which protects it from moisture loss
  • Improves the skin’s suppleness and elasticity
    Fills wrinkles and fine lines from within Immediate and long lasting hydration Smoothes out the surface imperfections
    Exerts a relaxing effect on the muscles by inhibiting muscle contractions Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed
  • GLYCOCEAN (Thermus thermophilus)
    Protects skin structures from UV caused damages Helps the skin to become more resistant
  • GLYCO DEFENSE (bacterial polysaccharide)
    Provides a feeling of comfort and well-being Prevents and soothes irritations and itchiness
  • KOMBUCHA (fermentation of black tea) Improves brightness, clearness and radiance
Hydratotal Cream

Hydratotal Cream