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Qi "Chi" Beauty facial

Qi is the energy within you that plays a major role in maintaining your health & vitality as you age. The Qi facial excites your cells to stimulate the energy skin requires to maintain regeneration & a youthful appearance. Using over 1000 gold plated magnets, placed over your energy meridians or accupunture points. This creates an immediate waking up at the basal layer, and your skin starts to regenerate. Each treatment is customized to your specific needs, and a customized matrix for home.



Triple 3A facial from Aquafolia

anti-wrinkle, anti-imperfections and anti-redness. For combination to oily types of all ages suffering from blemishes and imperfections. From the very first facial, you will notice wrinkles, redness and oily skin sensation are visibly reduced. This approach in treating aging skin (from 25 on) still suffering from blemishes is unparalleled.



De-Stress Express facial

Solidgold esthetics blackfalds alberta

Need a quick pick me up for your skin and short of time....this hydrating treatment allows you the benefits of a full treatment in only 45min.


Solidgold esthetic blackfalds alberta


Swiss technology designed to stimulate collagen growth with red light therapy, fill wrinkles from within with the lifting wand and redefine the jawline and overall sagging of the facial tissue. This facial is offered in a 6 week cure, for optimal results. Once the cure is complete, monthly or quarterly treatments are recommended.



O2 GLO Facial

Re-energize dull and lifeless complexions with Oxygen. This hydrating treatment addresses all areas of concern, redness, un-even skin tone, de-hydration and visable wrinkles. Perfect for before a big event or after a weekend of bad behavior :)


Back to Basics Facial with Red Light Therapy

If you are having chronic skin issues and need guidance in diet and ways to minimize your skin's stress, I recommend a PERSONALIZED facial: The skin is assessed and a customized facial is created to address immediate issues. Products that will help the skin and the body rid toxins will be recommended ( I am not a doctor, so please do your own research ) and samples of product will be provided at the end of the session.


Smooth Affair- Botox Alternative

Solidgold esthetics blackfalds alberta

BOTOX alternative treatment that uses KRONXYL12* the closest thing to invasive injections and fillers that you can find! Lifts out wrinkles effortlessly and will leave your skin feeling tight, toned and visably younger. Homecare recommended to prolong result that lasts up to a month in between sessions!


Mini fresh facial 

pure bliss, this treatment focuses on a quick pick me up exfoliant, a beautiful lifting massage & an express mask, and complimentary samples customized for your skins needs, your skin glows from within in 45 min.


Teen facial

using traditional European techniques, the skin is cleaned and detoxified, as well as soothed all in 60min.


*Facial Cupping 

incorporated into the massage portion of any SG anti-ageing facial, cupping has been shown to increase oxygen rich blood circulation, strengthen skin & connective tissues, and stimulate cells responsible for collagen production. *be sure to request this with your skin therapist*

$20 add to your facial treatment*


*Red Light Therapy 

This therapy has amazing results when added to your facial treatment.  The skin uses light as a source of energy to fuel the repair & rejuvenation of damaged cells, can also be very helpful to reduce inflammation in acne cases and also rosacea. *be sure to request this therapy with your skin therapist*

$45/ 20  min session no facial treatment*

$20/ add to your facial treatment *