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Qi "Chi" Beauty facial

Qi is the energy within you that plays a major role in maintaining your health & vitality as you age. The Qi facial excites your cells to stimulate the energy skin requires to maintain regeneration & a youthful appearance. Using over 1000 gold plated magnets, placed over your energy meridians or acupuncture points. This creates an immediate waking up at the basal layer, and your skin starts to regenerate. Each treatment is customized to your specific needs, and a customized matrix for home.




Sculptural Lifting Method

Natural Skin rejuvenation & Face contouring.

“The Technique”- This unique approach to natural rejuvenation and manual correction of the face developed by Yakov Gershkovich, was dubbed as the “natures answer to Botox*”, and praised by A-list celebrities, beauty bloggers, actors, singers, musicians, & 1000’s of women around the world who prefer HOLISTIC alternative to invasive lifting procedures.  Sculptural Facelift Lifting is performed without surgery or injections - by tuning, strengthening, and relaxing the basic facial muscles (mimic muscles).
100min Session - $199.00
includes light therapy and customized mask to suit the needs of your skin type.




Triple 3A facial from Aquafolia

anti-wrinkle, anti-imperfections and anti-redness. For combination to oily types of all ages suffering from blemishes and imperfections. From the very first facial, you will notice wrinkles, redness and oily skin sensation are visibly reduced. This approach in treating aging skin (from 25 on) still suffering from blemishes is unparalleled.




AquaUNDE by Aquafolia 

A revolutionary approach that works to restore moisture, reduce the appearance of age spots, visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  This facial promotes natural skin protection and strengthening the skin, and replenishing the skins moisture barrier.  The result? a healthy, luminous glowing skin



Aqua Rescue by Aquafolia

A source of absolute calm, this facial fights the visible signs of ageing, for all skin types, directly affected by the following external and internal factors: External: weather changes, pollution, sun exposure, medication, harsh products, smoking, irritating procedures (laser, peels, dermabrasion or surgery).  

Internal: stress, fatigue, illness, poor lifestyle, hormonal or digestive imbalance.

The skin will be more resistant and restore its ability to protect against the elements, restores its water balance and reduces redness due to dry, cracked, and chapped skin, after one session, leaving you with a beautiful youthful glow.




Reset Facial

This treatment starts with a complete analysis of the skin using custom facial methods, and each step will be designed specifically for your skin's needs.  (LED therapy, micro-current, high or radio frequency may be used) Enjoy the relaxing and nurturing effects of lymphatic drainage massage and leave feeling "reset".  
90 min - $135.00


Detox Facial

This custom facial treatment is recommended for clients ages 12 & up, to help clear congested skin types, clear complexion and provide the right nutrition for the skin.  Lymphatic drainage massage will be performed as well to create balance and calm the skin. Includes extractions, high frequency and LED light therapy if needed. 
90 min - $125.00




Self Love Facial

You will have a sensory experience: cleanse , tone and exfoliation of the skin, using professional products suited just for your skin type. A guided healing massage. Focusing on the energy meridians and lymphatic flow, will ease tension, stress and renew the whole body, mind and soul. Complete with a custom mask just for your skin type.

55 min - $99.00