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Ion Cleanse foot detox by AMD

The Ioncleanse* process ionizes the water as H2O is split into OH & H ions. These ions attract and neutralize oppositely charged toxins. After your session you will feel calm, relaxed and focused. Typical sessions are 30 minutes, based on age. There are no harmful side effects and the process is painless, non-invasive and completely safe. The toxins that are removed are mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium. 

We are living in the most polluted environment in Earth's known history. We are continually inhaling and assimilating residues from petrochemicals, plastics and pesticides that occupy cell receptor sites and block hormone utilization. Consider the following statistics:

  • 1,600% increase in birth defects since 1980
  • 250% increase in breast cancer since 1980
  • 59% decrease in male sperm count since 1940
  • 500% increase in cancer mortality since 1900
  • 400% increase in heart disease since 1900

All of the above statistics are directly related to the increased exposure to petrochemicals, heavy metals and other chemicals and toxins in the environment. While no process or modality can guarantee the prevention of these conditions, it is logical to assume that an ongoing detoxification program – the act of minimizing toxic accumulations in the body – will reduce the incidence of chronic degenerative disease and improve overall quality of life.

Virtually all alternative healing approaches make liberal use of detoxification protocols. Detoxifying the body has been a process used by all ancient healing traditions, including Ayurvedic, Chinese and Native American, for thousands of years.

In an article entitled The Pollution Within (National Geographic October 2006 pgs 117-143) David Ewing Duncan explores the toxic load our bodies are exposed to just living on this planet. Click here to view the entire article.

In order to maintain a productive life, detoxification is a necessity.

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Health Canada approved.

$60 / 35 min session
10 sessions for $500