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CELLSKIN expert time control LIGHT cream

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This expert smoothing cream provides a sensation of light, supple and youthful  second skin. Upon application, the skin is transformed, benefitting from a smoothing and plumping action amplified by the caviar infused core of active ingredients. The skin is smooth, plump and radiant.

• fundamentally improves the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles

• evens and harmonizes skin tone

• tones and contours the face

• stimulates cell regeneration processes to preserve and restore the skins youthful reflexes

• light cream for slightly combination to oily skin or for seasonal changes


On clean skin in the morning and/or evening, apply a thin layer of CELLSKIN light cream to the entire face, neck and décolleté.  Gently massage into the skin.


•floral ozonated

•jar 50ml


94% of ingredients are of natural origin- PEG, silicones, parabens, EDTA, Phenoxyethanol free

CELLSKIN expert time control LIGHT cream

CELLSKIN expert time control LIGHT cream